Alleghany – Wurlitzer Prize

The band is currently working on some new recordings of their original music.

Co-written by Dave Willis and Molly McGinn about the Delta Queen and her journey from Scotland to the mighty rivers of the United States. Inspired by the online writings of Captain Mike, Delta Queen captain in 2002.

Don’t take much to push me off
Just a paddle wheel
Westward from my home life here

Scotland to Stockton
Even rode the San Joaquin
Until the Green Line brought her here

{ Chorus }

If you ask me where I’m bound
Ohio River runs down
through endless hills and
onward to Cairo

Don’t you know that we’ll be aimlessly
running through the silt and sand
peering round the corners
for a life that’s worth a damn

And all this time miss Alleghany

{ Verse }

6:30 in New Orleans
Walk around the Steamer Queen
This old girl need not bow and scrape to anything

She’s running high, her belly’s dry
Rubs against the creosote pier
Every creak’s been saying it that way for years

{ Chorus }

Photo | Pethier